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Microwave Repair

Supercool is here to fix any type of problem you have with your microwave, from improper heating to unexplained sparks. We have trained technicians who can help tackle your specific oven problems. If you are troubled by any of the following problems, we can provide a lasting and reliable solution:

  • Oven won’t turn on
  • Oven does not heat evenly
  • Self-cleaning feature doesn’t work
  • Preheat indicator doesn’t work
  • Oven timer doesn’t work
  • Digital display doesn’t work
  • Indicator lights fail to come on or won’t turn off
  • Oven door doesn’t latch/unlatch properly

The Supercool Process

  • Schedule your free service inspection by booking an appointment online or by calling us any time, we’re available 24/7!.
  • On your selected appointment day, one of our trained technicians will assess your unit to determine the quickest way to get your unit back up and running.
  • after the repair, our technicians will walk you through step by step on how to run and maintain your Microwave for years to come.
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